Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The "Boycott Bacardi" campaign began in the UK with questions about ethics and their meddling in the political affairs of Cuba.

When you drink Bacardi, you help to fund illegal attempts to break the back of the Cuban government. Through violence. To return to those idyllic pre-Castro days. (E.g. that time when clubs were segrated and even the President of the time Fulgencio Batista was denied access. Too bad he couldn't sing.)

One of the organizations they fund is the Cuban-American National Foundation. It has been linked to (though they deny it - surprise) the bombing of Cuban businesses among other terrorist acts. Oh wait, this is based in the land of the land of the F(r)ee and the originators of the War on Terrorism?

Colour me shocked. And awed.

Maybe that isn't reason enough to forego your favourite breezer or to switch what goes into your coke on that hot summer day.

Not into Socialism? How about some misogyny...

This morning, however, I was introduced to their current advertising campaign.

Nothing like a poster of a three-breasted woman with the words "Better than Beer" on it to brighten your day.

I "get" that the point is that Bacardi drinkers are smarter than beer drinkers, and would NEVER objectify women. *cough* Oh wait. That's exactly what the campaign does.

Ha ha ha. Look at the funny woman with the third breast.
Ha ha ha. Look at the stupid men who would think this is a great thing.
It can't be misogynist! A woman came up with the campaign!
It can't be misogynist! It's pointing out the shallowness of men!

Yes it can be misogynist, and it is...

And if you want to send a very clear message that it isn't acceptable, then Boycott Bacardi.

Want to include it on your site?

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